It’s always nice to have a reading buddy, but it’s especially awesome when you are about to begin reading a book the size of a brick! So for our first ever Big Book Read-Along Silvia (grangerandherbooks) and I are reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt together. Feel free to join us we’d love to read/discuss the book with you too, OR wait until next time if Outlander by Diana Gabaldon interests you more because that’ll be the second big book we tackle together! 

Review: Dubliners by James Joyce

This is an incomplete review. I’m posting it as a place saver for when I actually finish the book.  I’ve read about half of Dubliners, and it’s taken me a month to get even that far.  It’s nothing against the book, I have so many other books I really want to read right now and since I’m not finding this read compelling at the moment it’s taking away from my truly appreciating the work, and that’s not fair.  I’ve marked this as ‘read’ on Goodreads because I’ll be coming back to it before the end of the year, but for now I’m taking a break from Joyce!