A bit (one month) late, sorry. But my best month this year yet! Which I owe to treesofreverie's read-a-thon (and the multiple hours spend on trains and the plane). So, yep:

Longbourn, Jo Baker (2013) REVIEW: ★★★★

Overall beautiful: the story itself, and the idea of it. That it tries to tell the story of those whose story nobody cares about. And to show that you don’t need to be a gentleman’s daughter to find love (obviously, duh). You don’t necessarily need to be a fan of P&P to enjoy it, but maybe a historical novel fan yes?

Mike and Psmith, P.G. Wodehouse (1909) ★★★½

Look, you can pick up any Wodehouse book and I’m sure you’ll laugh. He’s smart and irreverent in a way nobody else is (at least not to that level). I love picking up his books knowing I’ll have a laugh. That said, I did not laugh with this one as much as with the last Psmith instalment (Leave it to Psmith). This one’s the first one of the Psmith series, and I had great great great fun (five-stars fun) with the beginning. The way Psmith and Mike (but mostly Psmith) enter into scene, become friends, and take control of the school, is the best ever. Then it drags a little bit on the things I find less funny, instead of the ones I laugh the most, and has a bit too much cricket for my taste (and the prologue already warned me!). Still, great great fun.

All the Birds, Singing, Evie Wyld (2014) Unfinished

I’m not counting it as read on GR, but I’m putting it here mostly for the aesthetic effect (the photoset looked ugly with only 8 covers).

I started reading it and apart from a bit confusing (which I don’t mind, the trick is to keep reading), I found it a bit too crude for my taste. The main character, the situations, the secondary characters—It was a mixture of all that that made me stop: I didn’t know what was happening, and (more importantly) I didn’t care at all, and (even more importantly) animals kept dying. Too many for my taste (1 is too many). So I may pick it up again on the future, but on the near future I won’t. Nope, sorry. If anybody’s read it and liked it, I’d be happy to hear them out!

That said, I’m sure it’s a brilliant novel brilliantly written. Not saying otherwise.

American Gods, Neil Gaiman (2001) REVIEW: ★★★★★ (TR) Recommended!

I’ve finally written a sort of review about this, so now I can post this post! Yes! I’m only gonna say this here: see the five stars? See the “recommended” with an exclamation point? Right.

Ajax Penumbra 1969, Robin Sloan (2014) ★★★★★ (P14)

It gets five stars because I love the world Sloan has built, cause I love books (and books about books), and because I like how generally beautiful the book is. However, Ajax Penumbra 1969 needs the prequel to be loved. If you haven’t read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore you can still understand and enjoy this one, but you won’t jump and laugh and get excited like I did.

I do hope he’s writing more things in this universe…

I Am Livia, Phyllis T. Smith (2014) REVIEW: ★★★½ (P14)

Read the review for my reeeeal opinion. Here I’ll just say that it’s a quick fun read, which I recommend to anybody looking to know more about Ancient Rome—But NOT to somebody who already knows a lot about Ancient Rome. If you know what I mean. Also, there’s swoonworthy romance, just saying.

Thérèse Raquin, Émile Zola (1867) ★★★

Well, I didn’t like that book, but after writing my review on Goodreads (which you can find here, and basically says this book’s ridiculous and why I think it is) my sister told me that the point of the book was to put two people in an extreme situation and study how they behave and respond to it. I still think that the book is kind of silly, and that the cause/effect doesn’t work at all, but I can appreciate it more if I think Zola wrote it as a kind of experiment, I guess…

It still gets 3 stars because as a horror story is pretty great, and the dark & suffocating atmosphere is brilliantly transmitted to the page. Looking forward to watching the film…

Fables: Volume 1, Bill Willingham (2003) (ed. 2009) ★★★★

Got this really pretty deluxe first volume for my birthday from my brother (whose birthday is TODAY!! Like Harry Potter). Although I am still not used to reading comics (specially ongoing series in which stories are solved in 5 o so issues, cause I read a lot of manga when I was a teen, and I read many webcomics now) and sometimes I get confused, I loved Fables and I’m definitely gonna keep reading the series.

Characters from our favourite fairy tales are forced to leave their lands due to an evil invasion, and move to present day New York. Loved the main characters (Bigby and Snow White) and the fact that it mixes fairy-tale with everyday-life issues. It’s quite sobering to see the Beauty and the Beast having conjugal problems, but also really fun.

A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, Laurence Sterne (1768) ★★★★

A really really fun (and unfinished) book. It’s the first think I read by Sterne (though I’ve had Tristam Shandy to my to-read list for ages) and at first I was confused cause it was so funny while remaining so seemingly serious. Although just maybe because it’s unfinished, the book is quite a light read. Pokes fun to tourists (imagine if Sterne saw the state of things today: Barcelona during the summer, ha-ha) and says things like that, while being a book about travelling, and to Sentimental novels, while being one itself. I so wish he had finished it! Although it gives for some amazing controversy (read the last paragraph of the Plot summary).

Olivia! My dad made 2 DOZEN homemade bagels the other day of course I thought of you. He hasn't made his famous bagels in forever so it was like falling in love all over again. Plus he made them small, to quote him he said he wanted them to be, "Small but not too small just big enough to make you feel guilty about eating two." If there is one thing I can FANGIRL about with you it's bagels. THEY. ARE. SO. GOOD. :3 (I totally ate more than one in a sitting though, who cares?)


Ahhhhhh, how do I get through the screen to the bagels? 


Seriously though, that’s amazing. And wonderful. ♥ Bagels are the most beautiful food in creation. (And always worth eating more than just one! ;))

He just took another batch out of the freezer to thaw for the weekend. *Heavenly sighs*  Nom Nom! I wish they could stay fresh long enough to ship them across the pond but ;( 

About your giveaway: If you choose for example the lord of the rings trilogy or harry potter series, will you get the whole series or just one from the series (they're listed as one book). And do you get to choose any edition of the book you'd like?

One book - so one book of your choice from the series.  Of course I’m all about pretty covers/editions but the book will most likely be whatever is affordable and available at my local bookstore! :) 

hi! i bought your bookmark at books a million a few months ago and just saw your contest on my dashboard! i just wanted to tell you that i love the bookmark and i think it's really neat and i want to read all of the books listed on it :)

Yay! Glad you like it… it’s a really diverse list!   I’ve only read 16 on the list so far, but I’m excited about finishing it one day, good luck! 

DETAILS: So I was a little nostalgic when I realized it’s been a year (!) since I hosted my first ever giveaway. Last year I was celebrating 300 followers this year it’s to say thanks to 2,000 odd more and for all the great connections I’ve made - this community is something special!  The giveaway will run July 31st - August 15th just like last year’s and the random winner will receive their choice of ONE title on my 50 Books to Read Before You Die bookmark all of which are listed HERE that I’ll buy and ship to them, world wide! 


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Oh for fun share which book you would pick when you reblog! Good luck! Thank you, thank you, thank you!Happy Reading ~ Gina

Review: The Door by Magda Szabo


The Door by Magada Szabó, is a compelling story of a young writer’s relationship with her elderly, eccentric housekeeper and a great introduction to Hungarian literature. A simple enough premise, but the novel is far from ordinary. Emerence, the illiterate, eternally working, mysterious, but respected throughout the town housekeeper that this novel revolves around is profoundly clever, deeply rooted in tradition and worth getting to know.

The arch of the novel is fantastic. Szabo weaves a stunning piece of art with elements of mythology, religion, fairy tale that all meld together to create a narrative that sucks you in, puzzles you, confuses you, and ultimately develops one of the best, most beguiling friendships between women I’ve encounter in the written word. The Door is a unique drama full of passion and emotion yet stoically told. Its a tragic story, horrifying at times, but enchanting despite it’s rough and raw nature, this novel should be on your reading list. Brilliant. 5/5 stars.

You really are lucky for the view

I assume you’re talking about my recent photo set! Thank you :) Everyone’s comments on it have added even more appreciation to my perspective.  That field is literally my backyard and it’s funny to think other people are impressed by what I see everyday… one comment someone made who reblogged it cracked me up, "I’m sorry… did you just say that this is your backyard? Are you kidding me? Where do you live, Narnia?"  I told my dad about that one to which he said, "And we don’t even give it a second thought." It’s nice to realize how lucky you are sometimes. Hope you have a lovely day!